CNN Student News

Subjects: Civics, History, Social Studies
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: CNN

CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free daily news program designed for middle and high school classes. It is produced by the journalists and educators at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion website are available free of charge throughout the school year.

You can see it as a streamed video or download it as a free podcast, both available on our website, You can also record the program on HLN from 4:00-4:10 a.m. ET Monday through Friday during the school year. The program is free and accessible to anyone who wants to watch; there are no subscription charges, sign-ups, or contracts to complete.

At, you'll find a wealth of teacher materials presented free of charge, including Daily Transcripts for each show, Daily Curriculum and additional support materials to help your students understand the news. The team of show producers and educators keeps the Common Core Standards and other education standards in mind when producing the show and Daily Curriculum. The show and curriculum offer an excellent way to address the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards for secondary students.

CNN Student News

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