Subjects: Digital Literacy, Ethics & Communities, Internet Safety & Security
Grade Level: N/A
Source: PointSmart.ClickSafe Coalition

PointSmart.ClickSafe. is part of Cable Puts You In Control, an initiative of the cable industry to educate parents about online safety and appropriate use of the internet by their children. This website outlines the cable industry’s internet safety pledge to consumers and shows how the concepts of

Choice: making good decisions about the websites to use and activities in which to engage

Control: both setting rules and using effective parental control technology, and

Education: helping children learn about media and information literacy can help kids better understand the risks and consequences of what they do online.

As the leading provider of broadband internet services, the cable industry is committed to providing a full range of tools, resources and information to better help parents and caregivers shape their children’s online habits in ways that encourage safe and enjoyable experiences.


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