Ovation's Art in Progress

Subject: Arts
Grade Level: 9-12
Source: Ovation

Ovation’s Arts Ed Toolkit announces its newest free arts education materials from the program series Art in Progress, including streaming program clips and downloadable, National Standards-based lessons.  Educators can access resources for the classroom.

Art in Progress offers an unprecedented look at the world’s leading contemporary artists as they actively engage in the creative process.   Series program offerings includes:

Art in Progress: Anish Kapoor features the world-renowned sculptor, offering an in-depth profile of the themes, designs, colors and materials of his pieces.  It provides insight into the challenges of installing large-scale works for a major exhibition, and highlights a wide range of his sculptures. 

Art in Progress: Fred Tomaselli presents an in-depth profile of a noted artist who amasses a wide range of images, including flowers, birds, and anatomical illustrations for use in his works.  This use of collage displays a uniquely American vision. 

Art in Progress: John Baldessari highlights artworks, themes, techniques and materials used by one of America’s most renowned conceptual artists. This program features several major exhibitions, focusing on current works incorporating a diverse range of media.

The Toolkit also features a lesson by Ovation’s education partner, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ovation’s Arts Ed Toolkit, a partnership with Cable in the Classroom, was designed in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education Office of Arts and Special Projects.

Ovation's Art in Progress

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