Beyond Internet Safety: Teaching Kids to be Good Digital Citizens

Subjects: Digital Literacy, Ethics & Communities, Internet Safety & Security
Grade Level: N/A
Source: Cable in the Classroom

Surprising Poll Results about Teaching Digital Citizenship

  • nine of ten parents think it’s important that their children learn about digital citizenship
  • more than half of educators think their school or district emphasizes digital citizenship less than it should
  • less than 40% feel very well prepared to teach digital citizenship
It’s part of the ISTE NETS, but is digital citizenship being taught?  Are educators prepared to teach it? Recent polling by Harris Interactive and Cable in the Classroom reveal some surprising answers.
Watch recording of the webinar, Beyond Internet Safety: Teaching Kids to be Good Digital Citizens:


View the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION used during the webinar to see the findings from the surveys.


Read the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of results from the Parent Views on Digital Citizenship survey conducted by Harris Interactive in November, 2012 and the Educator Views on Digital Citizenship survey conducted by Cable in the Classroom in June, 2012.


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