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The Bully Effect


Date posted: April 23, 2013

Have you ever wondered what happened to a character in a documentary after the filming ended?

Cartoon Network is airing an abridged version of CNN’s original documentary THE BULLY EFFECT this Sunday, April 28th, at 5:30 and 8 p.m. (ET/PT). CNN anchor Anderson Cooper hosts and engages in a frank and candid conversation about bullying.

Alex-Libby-with-peers-todayLast year, Anderson Cooper’s AC3600 followed the kids profiled in Lee Hirsch’s 2011 film “Bully” to find out what happened to them since the documentary’s release. CNN’s documentary, THE BULLY EFFECT, was the result. Sunday’s telecast on Cartoon Network follows 14-year-old Alex Libby. While he was abused by classmates and ignored by administrators two years ago in Hirsh’s film, Alex’s life since then has completely turned around, in part because someone stood up for and with him. His story isn’t easy but, in the end, is full of hope and inspiration.

Along with both telecasts of THE BULLY EFFECT, renown bullying prevention expert Rosalind Wiseman will host an exclusive, live online chat at StopBullyingSpeakUp.com to answer questions from youth, parents and educators.

On Monday morning, the complete THE BULLY EFFECT documentary will be posted online at CartoonNetwork.com and will be available on You Tube and in other forums. Learn more about THE BULLY EFFECT here.

There were some issues with “Bully” (I wrote about them here and here) but it’s really interesting to see what happened to the kids Hirsh profiled after that film was released. And it isn’t often these days that a network airs something commercial-free, and then makes it readily available online.

If you’re interested in the issues around bullying, tune in Sunday night and have your questions ready for Rosalind Weisman. You can also find more resources about bullying prevention and digital citizenship here.