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Hands On Science, History, and More!


Date posted: July 5, 2012

America’s National Parks offer countless opportunities for hands-on learning. That’s the message in a short video from the US Department of Education and the National Parks Service.

From field trips to distance learning, curriculum to field schools, the Park Service has a wide variety of programs and options for teachers and schools. With most American’s living within an hour’s drive of a National Park, there’s probably a historic site or an important natural area nearby that can give kids an up close and personal learning experience with history, science, math, or literature.

Learning at National ParksMuch as we like media and technology, nothing beats the real thing. And as much as broadband can take you on a virtual visit to parks, museums, and science centers, nothing beats being there in person.

So, the next time you’re planning out your curriculum, or just looking for an exciting learning experience for your own children, check out a nearby National Park.