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Elections, creativity and civics education


Date posted: September 7, 2012

Presidential elections bring civics education to life, and it’s no surprise that creative educators are finding interesting ways to capitalize on all the media attention surrounding the conventions and campaigns. At Edutopia, Suzie Boss writes about several cool projects.

Campaigns offer all kinds of opportunities for teaching media and information literacy when students analyze and evaluate ads from candidates and interest groups or create their own ads.

Where to start? We’ve collected a bevy of election resources here. Highlights include C-SPAN Classroom and C-SPAN’s Campaign 2012 websites, which have lots of videos and lesson ideas for teachers. CNN Student News provides ongoing coverage of the campaigns. Media literacy guru Frank Baker’s website has lots of teaching ideas about politics and elections. And if you want a shot at running for president, virtually, try our online game, eLECTIONS: Your adventure in politics. Updated for 2012, eLECTIONS takes you through the process, from announcing your candidacy, through primaries and conventions, to the counting votes after the election.