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A deeper look at debates


Date posted: October 3, 2012

Tonight (October 3rd) is the first of the presidential debates and the candidates’ performance may influence the final outcome of the election. With millions tuning in to watch Obama and Romney answer questions, what should a viewer look for? What can we expect to learn about each man and what should make us wary?

Lights, Camera, Debate! dives into the impact of debate setting and staging, the techniques candidates use to get their messages heard, and what viewers can do to analyze each candidate’s performance. Originally written for the last presidential election, this piece by media literacy experts Frank W. Baker and Karen Zill is every bit as relevant today. It even comes with a worksheet to help you keep score during the debate.

Check it out and, while you’re at it, take a look at other election-related resources we’ve collected here or make a run for the presidency yourself by playing the eLECTIONS game!