Women in Cable Telecommunications’ Tech It Out!

Subjects: Professional Development, Science & Health, Technology
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: Women in Cable Telecommunications

There is evidence that the gap between men and women pursuing technology careers begins long before their professional lives.  According to data from the Michigan Study of Adolescent Life Transitions (MSALT), both girls and boys pick a science/tech career based more on their values than their skills:

  • Girls steer away from careers in math, science and engineering because they view science as a solitary rather than social occupation.
  • Girls (and boys) who were people-oriented tended to choose college majors in the biological sciences – medicine, environmental sciences or social sciences – rather than the math-based sciences such as engineering, physics or astronomy.
  • Girls value collaboration, creativity, glamour, friendship, personal contact and helping others. However, none of these traits readily come to mind when one thinks of the traditional characteristics associated with technology, math and engineering enterprises. 

Tech It Out! demonstrates how tech professions (specifically those in cable) really do meet those expectations.  Through grassroots efforts largely facilitated by theWomen in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) chapters, strategic partners, such as Cable in the Classroom and the Tech It Out! Ambassadors Program, Tech It Out! will reach the middle school, high school and college audiences to highlight the value of technology careers in cable.  Identify ways to partner with your local cable operator by visiting the website.

Women in Cable Telecommunications’ Tech It Out!

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