The Weather Channel Kids! Website

Subjects: Science & Health, Technology
Grade Levels: K-2, 3-5
Source: The Weather Channel

Learn about all things weather with these educational resources from The Weather Channel.

A cornerstone of The Weather Channel’s commitment to public service, SunSafety educates students on two issues that potentially affect everyone: Ultraviolet (UV) overexposure and skin cancer. With information, tips, and resources for UV safety, WeatherREADY Sun Safety enables your students to map out a personal strategy for staying healthy while still enjoying the great outdoors. The paths toward that greater understanding also follow curriculum standards that are likely to be important to you.

Forecast Earth focuses on the causes and effects of the powerful climate and environmental forces that are changing our planet. Lesson plans have been developed to support this special programming and meet national teaching standards, particularly those that apply to environmental and earth science.

Ever wondered how tornadoes form or how the Hurricane Hunters fly into the eye of the storm? Do you think kids have pondered these questions, too?! Well, The Weather Classroom helps teachers guide their students on the quest for answers. For lesson plans and additional information visit the website.

The Weather Channel Kids! Website

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