Terrence Clark

Subject: Digital Literacy
Grade Level: N/A

“We prepare students with 21st century skills. We conduct videoconferences around the globe from 2nd grade on up, have heart monitors so students can chart their own physical education, and students continue their work at home by accessing our school network remotely."

When the economic base of Bethpage, NY morphed from Cold War defense-industry to high-tech, Terrence Clark wanted students in his small school district to be a part of the profound change. He led the creation of Bethpage Academy of Technology, a high school curriculum providing students an opportunity to earn advanced diplomas in information technology or new media.

Through a powerful partnership with Cablevision, Clark was able to provide the Academy's students with a computer lab, staff training and other resources. Students also have the opportunity to learn from local corporations by going on guided tours of their operating centers, visiting graphic design houses to see the layout and production process, and touring television studios and labs, where they receive hands-on experience configuring the latest in networking equipment. The Bethpage School District now has one of the most sophisticated computer networks in the country.

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