Shakespeare: Subject to Change

Subjects: English / Language Arts, Technology
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: Cable in the Classroom

Launched in April 2003 and updated in 2009 this is the first of a series of demonstrations to show the power of learning with broadband -- cable's high-speed Internet. In this "slice of learning," you can explore how Shakespearean texts have come to be, from his own pen to the printing process to performances on stage and screen. Points of interest on the journey include:

  • A timeline for the journey of Hamlet for pen to stage, showing the writing process.
  • A look at altered texts, showing how print composers altered Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Film clips of two different versions of Hamlet … and more!

While not designed specifically for classroom use, it has been mapped to state standards for English Language Arts and contains specific teaching tips within the content itself and available by following the "Teachers" link underneath the Shakespeare “window.”

Shakespeare: Subject to Change

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