Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Subjects: History, Science & Health
Grade Level: 9-12
Source: Discovery, Science Channel

This six-part special series takes a comprehensive look at one of the most daunting construction jobs America has ever undertaken: building four skyscrapers, a transportation hub, a museum, and a memorial featuring the largest man-made waterfall in history at the same time on the same site. The series weaves together those working on the project, from iron workers who lost brothers and friends in the attacks to the architect who envisions a new dawn for New York City, with the family members who seek closure and solace. It also takes a look at the rebirth of Lower Manhattan through the eyes of the residents who survived 9/11 to reclaim and rebuild their neighborhood.


60-minute runtime; Fair Use copyright clearance

Parts 1-3: Aug 25 at 8:00PM ET/PT (Discovery Channel)

Parts 3-6: Sept 1 at 8:00PM ET/PT (Discovery Channel)

Sept 11 at 5:00PM ET/PT (Science Channel marathon of all episodes)

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

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