Rebecca Painter

Grade Level: N/A

"We are attempting to educate and remediate a forgotten population. Things that are normally taken for granted are privileges in detention, and limited exposure to nature can be supplemented through television."

Rebecca Painter's students can't take field trips. In fact, in the winter, they go outside only when they go to court. They are residents of a youth detention facility, and thanks to Painter's "Cable in the Classroom at Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center Program," they now can explore careers in climatology and meteorology, put on plays, and take virtual trips outdoors and into the broader world. Using Insight Communications as a link to the outside, Painter uses Cable in the Classroom member network's programs and technology to transform the education of these at-risk youth.

Residents of the youth detention facility have benefited enormously from Painter's efforts, including a hurricane unit that wove in Weather Channel programming. She has convinced the language arts instructor to integrate the hurricane materials with "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson, providing historical perspective through an investigation of a devastating Galveston storm. All courses address Kentucky Learning Goals and Academic Expectations. Students say Painter's courses are among the high points in their lives.