Parenting Moves Online: Parents’ Internet Actions and Attitudes, 2007

Subject: Digital Literacy
Grade Level: All
Source: Cable in the Classroom & Common Sense Media

The majority of parents in the United States are taking action to ensure their children are safe and responsible while using the Internet, according to a new poll commissioned by Cable in the Classroom/Common Sense Media and conducted by Harris Interactive®.

On September 26, 2007, Cable in the Classroom and Common Sense Media released the results of a survey of parents.

Based on the poll’s findings, Cable in the Classroom and Common Sense Media emphasize that parents should:

  • Talk regularly with their children about their Internet use and seek out high-tech parenting advice from trusted sources;
  • Speak with their children about Internet safety and appropriate online behavior and about more frequently experienced issues;
  • Engage even very young children to set behavioral expectations; and
  • Look to teachers and schools as partners in instilling media literacy skills.

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