MTV Act + Figment Confronting Intolerance Writing Contest

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, MTV Act and Figment have teamed up to create a writing contest on the theme of "confronting intolerance". For this contest, readers will have to look at the world through another set of eyes.  MTV Act amplifies efforts to make things better, and Figment gives the audience a platform to express creativity.

Writers will collaborate with others to put characters they didn’t create  into a setting they aren’t familiar with, writing a story about confronting intolerance and working to understand each other.

Writing takes place through August 31, 2011. Stories will be voted on by users and followers of Figment the, the top 10 stories will be decided on by a panel of celebrities and authors, with a total of three (3) winners.  Winners will receive an iPad and their work will be displayed prominently on Figment and published on MTV Act.

MTV Act + Figment Confronting Intolerance Writing Contest

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