MEDIA LITERACY 101: X. Media in the Classroom and Family Room - We Can Make a Difference

Subject: Digital Literacy
Grade Level: All
Source: Cable in the Classroom

Children are immersed in media, yet they seldom stop to think critically about it. Examining media can be fun and engaging and adults can learn as much from kids as the kids learn from us. Parents and teachers each have a role. Together, we can make a real difference in the way children use media.

In schools…
… media literacy can be taught alone or across the curriculum. The critical thinking skills at the heart of media literacy complement all subjects and it is as important to learn about media in a science class as it is in English or history. Excellent curricular materials abound online.

At home…
…parents can play a big role in helping children become media literate. It doesn't require a degree or special classes, just a little time and attention. Talk to your kids. Ask them about what they see, what they understand, and how they are affected. Many helpful ideas for parents can be found online.

To learn more check out the resources available in the Digital Literacy section of this site.



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