Little Ice Age: Big Chill

Subjects: History, Science & Health
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: History Classroom

Little Ice Age: Big Chill

This two-part program shows how a few degrees of difference in the climate changed the face of the world for centuries. The Little Ice Age was a period, 1300 to 1850, of cataclysmic cold. It froze Viking colonists in Greenland, accelerated the plague in Europe, decimated the Spanish Armada, and helped trigger the French Revolution. This program also features climatologists discussing the latest theories and debating the possibility of another ice age.


60-minute runtime; two-year copyright clearance.

Part 1: June 20 at 6:00am ET/PT

Part 2: June 27 at 6:00am ET/PT

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