Subjects: Ethics & Communities, Personal Development, Social Studies, Technology
Grade Level: All
Source: iKeepCurrent


How many of you know what an infographic is?  An infographic, also called information graphics, is a popular way to present data by distilling the words, data points, key concepts and illustrations that might be present in a report and creating a visual representation of the material.

Infographics are being created to help people understand virtually any topic; for example, it only took 12 hours after the Oscars ended for the first Oscar infographics to start popping up. Infographics aren’t just about entertainment however.

This lesson, activities, parent and educator tips, and supporting resources are brought to you by the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) and Cable in the Classroom.  You can find others in this series here, or at the iKeepCurrent website.

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