Mediacom Provides GED Tools On Demand with Learning-To Go!

Subjects: Arts, English / Language Arts, History, Languages, Math, Science & Health, Social Studies
Grade Level: N/A
Source: Mediacom

Mediacom in partnership with Iowa Department of Education - Division of Community Colleges & Workforce Preparation and Iowa Public Television provide Iowan's with the opportunity to obtain their GED On Demand through their local cable operator, Mediacom.  Mediacom provides it's customers with the technology tools to access required subject material using On Demand as part of it's digital platform.  Students can watch the GED Connection videos on Mediacom when their schedule allows.  There is no extra charge to watch the programs and you may watch them as many times as needed. The GED Connection videos cover the topics you will be studying to earn your GED.  In addition, Iowa Public Television also makes the GED Connection videos available on their website.

Mediacom Provides GED Tools On Demand with Learning-To Go!

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