Disney’s Planet Challenge

Subjects: Math, Science & Health
Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8
Source: Disney

Disney’s Planet Challenge

Imagine the planet you want to create and Disney will help make it happen.  Disney’s Planet Challenge (DPC) is a FREE national competition open to grades 3-8 employing a project-based learning model. The program offers budding scientists the chance to use their imagination and creativity to help the planet while giving educators a fresh new way to motivate students with the help of an educationally sound curriculum that meets both national and state guidelines.  Each participating class decides upon a local environmental issue with which they would like to work.  Students choose the final project.  Students design it.  Students put a plan into action.   This is a chance for kids to step beyond the classroom, deciding on and driving their own hands-on projects in which they shape their community and create positive change, while simultaneously gaining a valuable and engaging education.  The program utilizes a multi-disciplinary curriculum with a STEM focus, and has been developed in collaboration with the National Science Teachers Association and the K-12 Alliance.  To learn more or to access our project resources, including our tailored curriculum, please visit the official site.

Disney’s Planet Challenge

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