Darryl LaGace

Subject: Technology
Grade Level: N/A

"This program has transformed the learning environment. Resources are no longer limited to textbooks, paper copies, or the overhead projector; these have been replaced by more relevant ways of delivering instructions—classroom websites tailored to students' needs."

Known as the "Little District that Could," Lemon Grove has transformed the teaching and learning environment with technology, largely thanks to the efforts of district administrator Darryl LaGace and his partners, L. McLean King, Ed.D., superintendent of the Lemon Grove School District and Barbara Allen, director of Project LemonLINK. Determined not to let economic challenges inhibit their capacity to meet the needs of the community, the city and the school district created LemonLINK, which focuses on highspeed connectivity, equity, and access to resources. The result of business and government partnerships created to connect all schools and the city via microwave, laser, and fiber-optic technologies, LemonLINK has turned the school district into the communication hub for the entire community.

Unique to this system is the use of a microwave tower, located at the district office. Each school and city facility (City Hall, Fire Department, Public Works, Recreation Department, Community Center, Teen Center, and Senior Center) has its own microwave, laser, and/or fiber-optic link and, thanks to Cox Communications, can access the Internet and any programs needed from workstations anywhere on the city wide area network. Every family now has equitable access to information technology, just as families in more affluent areas do.

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