CNN Student News 2012 National Election

Subjects: Civics, Ethics & Communities, History, Social Studies
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: CNN Student News

CNN Student News coverage of the 2012 National Election Campaign is headquarters for all things this election season!  Look for special reports on the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention with explanations on the different aspects of the democratic process, including political conventions and the Electoral College.  CNN Student News will follow the campaigns as the candidates bring their messages to votes, and explain it all for our student audience.  We invite students to offer their views through the commenting process on CNN Student News’ A to Z Blog and encourage them to submit video iReports to our news desk.  Videos should focus on communicating their opinion on the candidates, the issues and the news of the day.  Watch for special upcoming iReport assignments centered on the elections!

To round out the free offerings for teachers who use the show in their classrooms visit our Daily Discussion and Media Literacy questions and weekly Newsquiz.

CNN Student News 2012 National Election

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