Chris Sperry

Subjects: Digital Literacy, Technology
Grade Level: N/A

"Media literacy is an essential skill for the 21st century, and teachers must have the materials and training to integrate it into the core curriculum."

Chris Sperry has designed, developed, and disseminated multimedia educational materials to help educators integrate media literacy throughout the core curriculum. For the past eight years, Sperry and Ithaca College faculty member Cyndy Scheibe have co-directed Project Look Sharp (PLS), developing its unique approach that is inspired by teachers' needs and ideas.

"Teachers desperately want engaging media materials that they can use to teach core content and engage students in complex critical thinking," said Sperry. "Few teachers have the time to find the right materials, to get them in a usable form, to research the appropriate background information, and to put everything together in time for the next class. PLS has taken on this challenge." Arranged as curriculum kits, the materials Sperry has developed cover such topics as "Media Construction of War: A Critical Reading of History," which includes comparisons of Newsweek covers from the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, among other activities. The kits are distributed nationally and are being used by hundreds of teachers.

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