The Changing Media Landscape: Ensuring Students’ Safety and Success in School the Future Workplace

Subject: Digital Literacy
Grade Level: N/A
Source: CIC and SETDA

State educational technology leaders are increasing their focus on ensuring students’ online safety, protecting personal data and information, and promoting ethical online behaviors (including fighting plagiarism, cyberbullying and copyright infringement), according to a new survey of states released at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), the world's largest educational technology conference for teachers, administrators, and technology coordinators.

The survey, The Changing Media Landscape: Ensuring Students’ Safety and Success in School the Future Workplace, was conducted by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) of their members in cooperation with Cable in the Classroom, the national education foundation of the cable industry, to better understand the evolving challenges and opportunities offered by technology and to help develop best practices and standardized tools to address these issues nationwide.  The Changing Media Landscape Toolkit, also released, was developed by SETDA in response to the evolving technology resources, the needs at the state level and the findings of this survey. The toolkit can be found online at SETDA's website.

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