Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit

Subjects: History, Personal Development
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: BIO Classroom

Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt

Portrait of the architect behind the now well-established tradition of First Lady activist. A pioneer among presidents' wives, she formed her own staff, held press conferences, and defined a female agenda beyond that of a homemaker. She fought for the civil rights of women and other members of oppressed society. Yet this monumental public figure was also the unhappy wife of a philandering husband and an orphan whose family was destroyed by alcoholism. In this intimate portrait, experts and scholars come together to make the important connections between Mrs. Roosevelt's public and privatelives.


60-minute runtime; 2-year copyright clearance

March 13 at 7:00am ET/PT

Biography: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit

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