Subjects: Digital Literacy, History, Social Studies
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Source: Biography

Series profiles political leaders, artists, and other famous figures. (1:00) (cc) (2 YRS)

General Douglas MacArthur: Return of a Legend – With rare footage and interviews with MacArthur's comrades, family, and friends, this episode explores the life and military career of MacArthur.

Air Dates Listed Below:

Nov 2  7:00a6:00aC  5:00aM  7:00aP

The Woolworths: Five and Dime Fortune and Failure – This episode traces Frank Woolworth's remarkable rise from his first job as an unpaid clerk in a dry goods store to the nationwide chain of stores that bore his name. Through rare footage and interviews with experts, see not only how Woolworth built his empire, but how his granddaughter, Barbara Hutton, lived one of the most storied high-society lives of the century on her inheritance.

Nov 9  7:00a6:00aC  5:00aM  7:00aP

Dow and Jones: Wizards of Wall Street – This episode tells the fascinating story of the two dreamers and the financial circus they created through extensive archival footage of the early years of Wall Street and interviews with some of today's most famous financiers. Discover how the index was launched, and get an inside view of how it really works and what it really means.

Nov 2  7:00a6:00aC  5:00aM  7:00aP

J. Pierpont Morgan: Emperor of Wall Street – This episode uses rare footage of the financier on Wall Street as it traces his rise to power and prominence through interviews with biographers and historians.

Nov 23  7:00a6:00aC  5:00aM  7:00aP

Andrew Carnegie: The Prince of Steel – This episode tells his fascinating story through expert commentary, archival footage, and interviews with family members. Discover the role he played in the Civil War, and trace his remarkable rise.

Nov 30  7:00a6:00aC  5:00aM  7:00aP

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