Beware What You Share

Subject: Internet Safety & Security
Grade Level: All
Source: The Ad Council’s Internet Safety Coalition

Beware What You Share

In an effort to educate teens about how to be smart about what they post and share online, the Ad Councilannounced the creation of a new collaborative initiative, the Internet Safety Coalition, developed to provide research-based messages to teens and their parents.

Based on quantitative research and feedback from teens, the Ad Council and the Internet Safety Coalition members worked with Merkley + Partners to develop a program entitled “Beware What You Share,” which communicates to teens that posting information online isn't private, and if they wouldn't broadcast it in real life, then it's not smart to share it online or digitally, where it can be passed on, and will remain forever.

The coalition’s website includes short videos that can be used to spark discussions about what kids post and share.

Coalition members will be spreading the messages, such as “If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t share it,” in a variety of ways over the coming months.

Beware What You Share

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Created by Dr. Sameer Hinduja, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University, and Dr. Justin W. Patchin, an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.