A Question of Life or Meth

Subjects: Personal Development, Science & Health
Grade Level: 9-12
Source: A&E

A Question of Life or Meth

It's known as, crystal meth, meth, crank, glass, speed, crystal, dope or ice. Addiction to crystal meth is now sweeping the country and thousands of families, children and young adults are being destroyed in its path. Hear from people who know its impact, the users themselves, with special emphasis on teen abuse. Recovering addicts along with the people working to help them show you what this drug is and what it really does. Discover the impact meth has on the body and see how police are responding to the meth crisis.


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60-minute runtime; 2-year copyright clearance.

April 6 at 4:00AM ET/PT

A Question of Life or Meth

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