Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cable in the Classroom?
Cable in the Classroom (CIC) is the national education foundation of the U.S. cable industry. Working in partnership with, and on behalf of, its cable industry partners, CIC advocates digital citizenship and the visionary, sensible and effective use of media in homes, schools, and communities. Since 1989, through CIC, local cable companies have been providing complimentary connections to schools, and cable programmers have offered quality educational programming.  CIC enables educators to access the best of cable’s video and web content.

Learn more about Cable in the Classroom’s mission and areas of work.

What tools & resources are available to me through CIC?

Innovative use of technology and media can be an important way to encourage and develop a student’s learning.  This website provides an array of tools and resources that can help.

The Digital Citizenship section has resources to teach responsible media use including information on knowing the risks, thinking critically, and acting appropriately.

The Programming & Resources section showcases cable’s education content including highlights of educational programs on & offline, cable initiatives for the classroom and community, and spotlighting educators that lead the way.

The Broadband  section demonstrates how high-speed internet powers education at home and school  through interactive learning.

Cable in the Classroom Programming

What is Cable in the Classroom cable programming?

Cable networks, such as Discovery and History, designate and air educational programs that are commercial-free and copyright-cleared for a year or more. (Programs can be recorded at school or at home). Cable networks also provide online content, including interactive learning experiences, and activities.

How can I find out if a program is re-airing?

  1. Visit the website of the network on which the show aired.
  2. Contact thecable network’s representative on which the show aired.

How can I buy a copy of program that will not be re-airing?

  1. Visit the website of the network on which the show aired.
  2. Contact the cable network’s representative on which the show aired.

Producers & Marketers

We have produced a video series that we think Cable in the Classroom would be interested in purchasing and airing. Who do we speak with?

Cable in the Classroom does not produce or air any of its own programming. Programming labeled as "Cable in the Classroom" is determined by our members, who are individual networks.

Copyright and Recording Rights

Where can I find copyright and recording rights for a specific program?

One year copyright clearance. For information, visit the copyright and recording rights page.

How long can I keep a program?

That depends. If the program is a Cable in the Classroom program, then you can keep it for at least a year or more from air date. Check the online program detail for the precise amount of time. For more information, visit the copyright and recording rights page.

Do I have permission to use a cable program in my classroom that is not a Cable in the Classroom program?

This is where Fair Use applies. Fair Use allows the taping of programs for education purposes. For more information, visit the copyright and recording rights page.

Re-Broadcasting Rights

Can I re-broadcast Cable in the Classroom programming over my closed-circuit network system or local cable station?

Re-broadcasting of cable programming over any system (cable, closed-circuit, satellite, Internet, etc.) is not allowed without specific permission from the cable network in question.

Awards & Grants

Does Cable in the Classroom give any awards for excellent work happening in education?

From 2005 – 2009, the Cable’s Leaders in Learning Awards program recognized more than 60 outstanding educators, administrators, policymakers and other community leaders at the forefront of innovation in education. Despite no longer presenting the awards, CIC continues to spotlight visionary educators using technology in education in the Leaders in Learning section.

Does Cable in the Classroom provide grants?

While Cable in the Classroom does not provide grants, there are sources we can point you to. Check the various education foundations of technology companies, like Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Cisco, and the like. Many of them support educational technology and infrastructure. Also, you may want to check out the newsletters from e-School News and The Public Education Network.